About Heritage

Heritage Expediciones - Your Reliable Travel Partner in Sri Lanka!

The tourism sector is thriving in the island nation and the hotel sector has been seeing a satisfying surge in tourist arrivals, streaming in from all corners of the world and from the surrounding localities. The corridors of Heritage Expediciones too are bustling with frenzied activities; itineraries flying around, telephones ringing incessantly and expectations running further high.

Did we say 'expectations are high'? A bulk of the vacationers are on their maiden voyage to discover true serendipity against the tropical locale while others are on their repeat visit with memories still engraved in their minds of the previous pampering and experiences they received at the hands of Heritage Expediciones.

The little details matter as much as the big ones - from the pleasant chauffeur allocated to a party or the 'teeny weenie' memento presented to a couple heading home. Every act speaks a thousand words and makes ripples worldwide.

De facto, Heritage Expediciones has much of its business generated by the trust operators have, in our ability to stick to promises and by the richness of experiences dished out to clientele who could be conference attendees, business travellers, honeymooning sweet hearts or travelers with wanderlust.

In July 2016 we turned thirteen years old! Making us that much keener to make sure every experience is memorable to you - and for us! From a humble beginning with three staff the Heritage Team has grown to 20, most with many years of experience in the inbound industry.

There's a lot we have achieved over these years - and can be proud of; but the way we see it, the journey has just begun.

There is so much we can offer you and so much more to explore. Speak to us and no matter what your requirements are we will configure the most intimate and invigorating itinerary you would ever want to imagine, complete with realistic figures, fine tuned to your budget and totally fascinating. Email, call, engage us in a challenge, we would love to hear from you.

Office Address
Heritage Expediciones (Pvt) Ltd,
No 106/3, Thimbirigasyaya Road,
Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +(94) 11 259 11 71 / +(94) 11 259 11 77 / +(94) 11 259 11 93
FAX: +(94) 11 259 11 75
E-mail: sales@heritage.lk