Destination Sri Lanka

Lying off the southern tip of India, the tropical Island of Sri Lanka has attracted visitors for centuries with its scenic wonders and cultural heritage. Known as ‘A Land Like No Other’ and home to eight World Heritage Sites, this small island nation has much more to offer apart from breathtaking views and charming hospitality. In terms of diversity, Sri Lanka is incomparable and unbeatable. The tropical paradise is blessed with varied atmospheric formations – flat to hilly landscapes, hot to mild and cool temperatures, diverse ethnicities and endless flora and fauna.

Referred to as the Miracle of Asia by those besotted with this tropical island, Sri Lanka Tourism has also branded it as ‘Sri Lanka Small Miracle’ and ‘Refreshingly Sri Lanka Wonder of Asia’ giving it it’s deserved prominence. The potential for tourism has reached great heights in the country and the services have seen significant improvement in the last few years. Beyond doubt, Sri Lanka is now branded as one of the ‘must-visit’ travel destinations in Asia.

Explore this beautiful Island and enjoy your holiday at its best.